About Us

Shoppers seeking used cars for sale are faced with many concepts similar to MotorMag - they all promise to offer the best service, present the widest range of second hand cars and provide helpful used car buying assistance.

The difference is that MotorMag actually delivers on its promise, with no frills and no red tape. Our simple, sacred philosophy is to create a user-friendly environment where used car buyers and sellers connect. Whether using MotorMag to buy or sell a used car, the service is absolutely free to the consumer.

In this fast-paced digital age, car hunting needn't be the time-consuming task it once was. With MotorMag, we've changed the way people buy cars. Simply browse around our digital showroom, where thousands of vehicles are just a mere mouse-click away.

We don't like to limit our users in their search, and the joy of finding your dream car is made possible through our unique search portal. You can find specific models, transmissions and body styles - and it's all done through the convenience of your internet browser.

Purchasing a car should be an exciting, fun experience - it's a big decision after all. Not only do we foster this process through our service, we also like to give rewards to our customers and dealers: this is why we host exciting competitions for users to participate in, and win!

Score with your next vehicle purchase, using MotorMag - where we've transformed the way people buy cars.