2014 Peugeot 1.6 Allure

Peugeot 2008 1.6 Allure: New Car Review

The Peugeot 2008 is significantly bigger than its hatchback sibling; the Peugeot 208. Though it has gained some weight, it keeps to the same “cool” characteristics of the 208.  It’s also tougher, more spacious on the inside and further off the ground. It is a crossover that feels sturdy enough to take on some mildly rough terrain – no mountainous exploring though; it’s a soft mini SUV that desires a bit more tenderness than the average off-roader.

Check it Out

The 2008 is a decent looking car, from the outside to the inside. The body has some pretty curves and design effects that enhance the car’s aerodynamics. It has automatic LED daytime running lights that give the car a classy face, while the edgy features extend from the front to the rear, giving the car a sportier, more rugged look.

Step Inside

Getting inside the car is quite a different experience if you’ve never driven a Peugeot before, and it takes some getting used to. The steering wheel is really small which gives the illusion that the cabin is squashed together – but everything actually fits quite comfortably. Drivers look over the wheel at the instrument panel which has a blue outline, giving the cabin a modern effect. It has a few technological surprises too including an easy-to-use colour touch screen which has Bluetooth, USB capabilities, radio and navigation. The best part of all of these features is that they come standard! The car has received some features that fit with the car’s lion ambassador. Like the decorative “scratches” on the roof of the car which are illuminated when the lights turn on, giving the car a gentle ambience while driving at night. The handbrake looks a bit like a lion’s paw.

The car has some unique touches that will make it stand out.

Let’s Drive

The Peugeot 2008 doesn’t feel much bigger than the 208. It is still able to fit into the smaller gaps in the city. It’s a comfortable drive – though it won’t be for speed freaks. It is a little sluggish at times and it needs to be sternly encouraged when a burst of energy is necessary; and even then it is more like a gentle skip rather than a burst. But with all the space in the car, it does seem to cater more to family types, and who is going to want to race with children in the back?

The gear box is extremely soft and sometimes you want to do a double take to check that you’re in the correct gear or even in gear at all. It only needs a gentle tap to be shifted. The 2008 braves the bumps decently, but as we have said, don’t go too far off the tarmac. It’s not built for more than a gravelly couple of bumps.

Engines and Pricing

Unfortunately the 2008 only has one engine derivative – the 1.6 petrol with 88kW of power and 160Nm of torque. It is also not too bad on fuel. The claimed fuel consumption figure is 5.9l/100km and we were able to achieve 6.9l/100km which is really not bad. We would really like to see a diesel engine as a choice, though – it would fit this car quite well. The price is really not bad considering all of its features. It will set buyers back by R269 900 and it’s sold with Peugeot’s Premium Plan three-year or 100 000km warranty and a five-year or 60 000km service plan. It competes against the Suzuki SX4 and the Nissan Juke – but the 2008 is exceptional value for money in our opinion.

The Technical Stuff:

Model: 2014 Peugeot 2008 1.6 Allure

Price: R269 900

Engine: 1.6 Petrol

Power and Torque: 88kW and 160Nm

Fuel Consumption: 5.9l/100km (Claimed)

Test Mileage: 200 Kilometres

Praises: Good value for money, spacious, practical

 Gripes: Lazy, visibility could be better